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Sunny color espresso machines conquering the market!

Sunny color espresso machines conquering the market!

Fresh new Lavazza Espresso Machines are rapidly conquering the market! With a new line of Jolie machines, working on A Modo Mio capsules in remarkable eight flavors 

Lavazza has made a full hit in the home and office sector. The holder of the title of the smallest and quietest device takes precedence among fans of espresso drinks. In the colors of the rainbow, they find a place under the sun and in homes around the world, because due to their dimensions and modern design, they fit into any space.

If you are looking for perfection, we are pretty sure that Jolie with A Modo Mio capsules will exceed your expectations. The advantages, apart from the dimensions and colors of the device, are also reflected in the new packaging of the capsules. The earlier standard package of 100 pieces has been replaced by new packages of 12 to 16 pieces so that when you buy you can get a combination of several types, and thus satisfy more different tastes.

Something new with these appliances is an addition for all fans of espresso specialties. Namely, for all those who like to enrich the refined Lavazza drink with milk, from now on they have a new Milk Easy frotner at their disposal, with which they can easily become their own barista. Milk Easy provides the possibility of preparing warm milk, as well as hot and cold milk creams.

We must not forget the improved technical performance. A real Italian - the smallest and quietest machine on the market has a developed energy-saving system, which it switches to after 3 minutes of inactivity, and switches itself off after 9 minutes.

See how it looks!