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Espresso Expres

Over 10 years of experience

Espresso expres Pro team covers all types of services, from a preventive examination, by regular service, on-spot fixing, to general service of all types of espresso machines and following equipment. All service activities start with initial measurements of water, the machine itself, exposure to exploitation. This process we finish with mandatory training for staff, where they are explained how to operate and maintenance the machine. This way we are reducing possibilities of breakdown, and using specific and expensive spare parts 20 - 80%. On the other hand, all phytosanitary demands are held from the day one.

All activities on machine are noted for analysis, owner’s insight, and future planning as well, so we could reach the maximum from each configuration in the long period of time.

Service Name Price
Small service - RSD
Cleaning of the entrance to the small boiler - RSD
Disassembly of professional configuration on spot - RSD
Electro valve replacement - RSD
System purifying - RSD
Cleaning and polishing machine - RSD
Assembly and installation of professional configuration on spot - RSD
Replacement of the valve seal 600,00 RSD
Outlet cleaning 700,00 RSD
General repair of machine with 1 group 12.000,00 RSD
General repair of machine with 2 groups 17.000,00 RSD
General repair of machine with 3 groups 20.000,00 RSD
General repair of machine with 4 groups 22.000,00 RSD